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This method of whitening is also known as nightguard vital bleaching among dental professionals, but most people know them as teeth whitening trays or teeth bleaching trays. Prowhitesmile offers the highest quality custom made teeth whitening trays system, virtually identical to the kits sold by dentists but only for a fraction of the price.

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In order to make a custom mouth tray, the dentist will ask the patient to bite down on a mold.


Custom whitening trays dentist. Your dentist will take the time necessary to build a fully customized teeth whitening tray for your unique mouth. These custom whitening trays are made from an impression of the patient's mouth, so they fit properly. This is the method that started everything.

Let’s take a closer look at how custom whitening trays brighten your pearly whites: Suite 110 rockwall, tx 75087; “ opalescence ™ teeth whitening near me” contains 35% bleaching solution should only be used with custom bleaching trays from your dentist.

Durable, lightweight and clear, the trays usually take a couple of days to be made. The next step is making your custom take home whitening trays, sometimes called stents or custom bleach splints. After taking an impression of your teeth, your dentist will use the molds to make the trays.

In scientific papers it states that dental tray reservoirs must be used for correct professional patient tooth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening trays from a dentist are vastly superior to any supposed teeth whitening solutions available at the local store. Additionally, the trays help to keep the solution from irritating soft tissues.

To make a custom mouth tray, the dentist has their patient bite down on a mold leaving an impression of their teeth. To receive your custom whitening tray kit, bruce l. Professional whitening trays from the comfort of your own home.

Without custom fitted teeth whitening trays it’s very difficult to not only keep the gel in contact with the tooth but even more difficult to bleach away the stains located in the crevices of the teeth as well as the gum lines and molars. After this cleaning and examination, the. Creating your custom whitening trays.

Teeth whitening trays ensure the gel adheres to your teeth for the duration of each whitening session. Teeth should be thoroughly brushed and flossed before bleaching. Finished trays include 1 upper and 1 lower tray.

These whitening treatments are often done using custom teeth whitening trays that promote even whitening and prevent the whitening product from getting into the gums and causing irritation. The best and safest teeth whitening is achieved with properly designed and fitted custom teeth whitening trays. Finally, your dentist will provide you with the guidance you need to ensure that your whitening treatment is.

Or call us now at: These involve using custom mouth trays to apply the whitening product. Rothschild, dds & associates, p.l.l.c., your local dentist in pearl river ny, will clean your teeth and ensure that any dental issues—including gum disease or tooth decay—have been identified and addressed.

2 impression trays used in combination with impression material to create mold 3 sets of impression material to make your own dental impressions (1 extra set of. Free custom whitening trays free custom whitening trays with your first visit to our office *you must mention this ad and offer cannot be combined with any other offers.fill out the form below to get in contact with us. The technique of tray whitening was first described in dental literature in 1989.

Your dentist designs your custom trays from moldings of your teeth. This whitening solution should be applied for the prescribed time of 60 minutes. The reason most dental labs do not include.

Steps for using custom whitening trays at home: Custom fit dental lab trays need to have the important reservoirs made for 100% perfect whitening. Custom whitening trays is another way your dentist can help you brighten your smile.

If you do not have reservoirs then you can have uneven patchy results! The most popular in home teeth whitening are the teeth whitening trays system. Impressions are made at home and you get your professional trays from the dental lab.

Best of all, should your teeth stain again in the future, just keep your trays so you can repeat the treatment again and again and again, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We have various kits to choose from and may include nite white, day white, zoom or opalescence bleaching gel.

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